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Our commitment against the spread of the Covid19 pandemic

We are committed to enforce to the advanced cleaning protocol, developed in collaboration with health and hospitality experts. Here is what we have done to clean and sanitize your apartment:

  • Certified products

    We use disinfectants approved by EEC health agencies
    (products with the "medical surgical" brand) to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

  • All high-contact surfaces sanitized

    We sanitized all high-contact surfaces including door knobs, cabinets and light switches.


  • Extreme cleanliness

    Before sanitizing the rooms, we accurately aerated, vacuumed, cleaned and washed them.


  • Protection devices

    During cleaning our staff uses protective equipment, such as a mask and gloves.


  • Specific products supplied to guests

    We provide additional cleaning products in the apartments free of charge, so guests can keep clean and sanitize during their stay.

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